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Temporary Employment Agent

Our company is certified to act as temporary employment agent according to the authorization series A, no 0000392 dated 26.05.2014, having thus the capability to employ the specialists required by the client and placing them to the client’s sites for particular activities within the projects. The contract period with our employees is set according to clients’ needs and depending on the stage of their construction, operation and maintenance projects in various fields, mainly oil and gas, power, chemical / petrochemical units, civil and industrial major constructions and other areas.

Choosing these services, our clients benefit from the advantage of ensuring for themselves the necessary specialized personnel to carry out activities on their projects, for strictly fixed periods of time determined by the execution term of projects.

In addition, our clients have the opportunity to request again the same personnel who already worked on previous projects or stages of projects and with which they were satisfied, especially since this personnel is already adapted to the rules and specific activities of the client.

Also, by using the temporary staff of our company, our clients benefit from outsourcing the administrative obligations between employers and employees, as this service is entirely taken over by our company.

Offering these benefits, we support entirely the foreign and Romanian entrepreneurs in successfully completing the various projects they have in execution and, further, for their involvement in projects of perspective.

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