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Consular Services Support

Obtaining a visa for a particular country is sometimes a problem for the applicants and therefore we are happy to help them by giving them all our support in this process.

Since 2007 our company has been accredited by the Consulate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Bucharest to act on behalf of the Consulate concerning the steps necessary in order to obtain the visa (presenting the necessary information, preparation of visa file, forwarding the visa files to the Consulate for approval and granting of different types of visa).

The profile of our activity has permanently required the provision of the necessary support for clients in order to obtain visas granted in Romania for both KSA, as well as for other countries in the world (Nigeria, Chile, Senegal, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, India, Brazil). The experience thus acquired is used both to support our breitling replica customers and other collaborators in their attempt to obtain the necessary visas, as well as to support the consulates and embassies receiving from our company the visa files prepared in strict compliance with their requirements.

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